Kungchido Response-O-Matic Form

Response-O-Matic Form


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Suresh Vaidya-6th deg. Honorary Black Belt of Kungchido in action photo-of a month

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Sarokar & Allison San Diego 



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Definition of Kungchido: (Dictionary

Kungchido is the combination of Kung fu, Tai Chi and Karate with unique style, which has been developed by analyzing, synthesizing and marrying all the "above" mentioned schools      by Grandmaster Saroj Joshi of Nepal.




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Id like to take this opportunity to deeply express my appreciation to Saroj and to Kungchido.  Since Ive been introduced to Kungchido, I have learned such a great deal about myself; physically, mentally and spiritually.-Phu/San Diego-New

your visit has been a blessing to our organization. 
We will get together and share real chi together again. I am sure of 
That. It was in deed our privilege.-GM Richard Buchan/Canada-New




 Sensei Lobsang Gyalpo-1970's (Nepal)

Interview with Sensei Lobsang Gyalpo-New

Photo by Deepak Rajbhandari in Bonn, Germany in 1981-NEW

After tough Karate Practice  and test Saroj Joshi on right with

Grandmaster Peter Brockers on left  in 1981. He is one of the 1st European Master

of Karate  who was apprentice of Grandmaster Kanazawa and Grandmaster

Nakayama Of Japan and developer of New Age of Budokai and Kobudo

in Germany. 

2nd from right:Sensei Mikhail Urevich finest Instructor Zaparozheye Ukraine 1980

This Photograph was taken  after training (Karate Club ZII)-Saroj Joshi in the middle.

 Welcome to our Kungchido site.Kungchido is  award winning doctrine,   

founded by Grandmaster Saroj  Joshi of Nepal after 40 yrs + of              

continuous practice, competitions, teaching, studies and research

in different countries such as Nepal, Ukraine, Russia, Germany

and USA. Kungchido is a new way of Martial Arts, a complete

self-defense, which offers unique  techniques, breathing  exercises and

moving meditations. Kungchido is also a combination of Kung fu,

Taichi, Karate-Do with unique techniques, Katas, breathing exercises.












For ordering above books :Toll free  no of USA: 1-888-280-7715

Lumbini-Nepal as an origin of Martial Arts linking Shaolin

Temple of China.

Refrence: Kungchido book Vol-II, Origin of Martial Arts by Saroj Joshi

             Lumbini-Nepal                             Shaolin  Temple - China

One who is interested for 2011 Kungchido

crash-course and Seminar  contact us at   

Now you can Join in Kungchido Class at YMCA-New                                                                                                                                                                                                 

< Kungchido is the missing link:    

between birth place of Buddha Lumbini Kapilbastu, Nepal and the

Shaolin temple of China. It is a doctrine, which brings numerous evidences that

modern martial arts has strong bond with Lumbini,Nepal  Following katas have been

 developed Shao-Lu 1 thru 5 dedicated to Shaolin Temple & Lumbini, Bodhisi -

 dedicated to Boddhidharma and Siddhartha Gautama, Breathing Exercises

Bodhi-Lu 1 & 2 dedicated to Boddhidharma and Lumbini and Kungchido 1, 2 and 3)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Kungchido for all! We are proud to get support from all of you .                  

Kungchido self-defense  techniques, breathing exercises are also

available on

Kungchido is recognized by World All-Styles Federation based in UK-New

New- Schedule of Kungchido Class :

Sunday Class move to Saturday from 8 a.m - 9 a.m. at the same place Rancho PQ area, San Diego, CA starting from 12th March, 2011

For more info Please contact us at


Kungchido Class will begin starting from 20th March, 2011

at YMCA-Rancho PQ, San Diego, CA


Every Sunday  from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.  Contact at 858 484 8788                                              


Kungchido's Founder  is included again

in Who is who in Martial Arts-New

Sports Dierctor of of Local YMCA join the Kungchido Class,

where he got serious interest on it some talented old

Kungchido students, Black Belts are Back-New

Modern use of Chi with new method of self-defense Volume I or II

(Book on Kungchido Vol-I , Vol-II dedicated to

Suzanne Joshi

 & many  disabled kids like her)

 (She is mentally delayed with multiple disabilities.

Many children suffer in this same manner

 it is those of

 us who are more fortunate, who need to

defend those

of lesser strength.)

"Be strong mentally and physically to defend weak

 people and develop from there"

Understanding Kungchido by Aaron Zimmer Alias Bolt,

Florida  USA. Base Combat Style: Armed combat is based primarily

upon the speed and precision of Eishin Ryu with elements of Kenjutsu for

longer battles. Unarmed combat employs the versatility of Kungchido

with the brutal kicking power of Savate. Bando and Cha Chuan are

heavily emphasized in both armed and unarmed combat.

Saroj Joshi on right -1980's (Zaparozhye, Ukraine)

Saroj Joshi on right -1980's (Bonn, Germany)





Malaysia recognizes Kungchido with 

International Grandmaster Recognition Award

as well as


Peace  Award in 2008-New

WOMA recognizes Kungchido awarding

10th Deg. Black Belt

Kungchido books win the registry and recognition

award from WOMA

Press Release by in San Diego,

Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C.


Comments on  Seminar regarding Kungchido

 i n Canada

on 10-10-2004




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